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Sep 6, 2022

Stressed At Work? These 3 Steps Will Help You Ease Your Mind At Work

Step 1: Talk to your Boss!

If stress at work is affecting you, you need to talk first, to your boss.

Early intervention is important; the boss needs to be alerted to the risk of injury in their workplace, so that they may act and take steps to minimise that risk by providing appropriate support and addressing the workplace issues that may be causing or contributing to your psychological distress to prevent you developing a psychological injury.

Step 2: Talk to your Doctor!

Don’t forget your doctor is there to help you, tell your doctor what is happening and they may be able to obtain counselling / make helpful recommendations. Your doctor may even be prepared to write to your boss to assist in resolving the issue.

Step 3:  Talk to us!

If your stress turns into a psychological injury , you may need legal advice to help you with your options and provide sound advice to assist you.

If your injury starts to impact on your ability to work, you may even need to obtain a Work Capacity Certificate from your doctor and apply for the no-fault workers’ compensation scheme for compensation and management of work-related injuries.

There are other legal avenues, as well, depending on your circumstances.

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